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Welcome to Iron-Core Fit

The Eastside's Premier Destination For Fitness

The Training

The Training

Whether you’re looking to lose some inches,
or improve your performance
ICF will help you reach your goals.

The Community

The Community

Surround yourself
with like minded, motivating,
real people looking to always improve

The Team

The Team

You will find a team of very knowledgeable and
passionate coaches that are
dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

We’re More Than Just a Gym

See what the ICF Community is up to.

  • Workout For A Cause

    Workout For A Cause

    Hey Y’all!! Come and join the IRON-CORE FiT Crew as we team up with One Day’s Wages to spread the love and help stop human trafficking!

    Why have chocolate when you can have a double dose of swings, squats, cycling and sweat? All for a great cause. What better way to start your Valentine’s Day weekend?

    IRON-CORE FIT’s Workout For A Cause will start at 9am on Valentine’s Day Saturday February 13, 2016.

    DONATIONS WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED! 100% of donations will go directly to fight human trafficking.

    Bring your loved ones and share the experience together!

    If you are unable to attend but still would like to donate, please go to this link.


    We thank you for your contribution.

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  • Spreading the Love

    Spreading the Love

    IRON-CORE FIT has partnered with One Day’s Wages to assist them in promoting awareness, inviting simple giving, and supporting sustainable relief through partnerships, especially with smaller organizations in developing regions.

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  • Getting Down & Dirty

    Getting Down & Dirty

    The IRON-CORE Fit Crew is not scared to get a little dirty as we conquer the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and BeastMode Challenge.

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  • Celebrating Life

    Celebrating Life

    Every year we get together to honor those who are no longer with us while celebrating and having fun with those who we cherish! Only requirement… you have to wear your white shoes!

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  • ICF Fitness Getaways

    ICF Fitness Getaways

    Want to Get Away?  Imagine a vacation where you come home feeling HEALTHIER, STRONGER, LEANER and all around more BAD-ASS! Now imagine that vacation with 10-12 new friends that share your passion for life, adventure, and fitness.

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  • Get Going!

    Get Going!

    Ready to get involved? Check out our complete schedule of classes. They include The HiRT Locker, YungBloodz, and KB+ Plus. Pick one and get moving.

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How Love Can Help End Human Trafficking

Join the ICF Crew as we partner with One Day’s Wages this Saturday at 9am as we raise  awareness to help put an end to Human Trafficking. Workout for a Cause, donate for a cause, sweat for a cause.  One’ Days Wages will be joining us to sweat, collect donations and raise awareness about Human Trafficking.

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How to Get Sh** Done!

Ok, serious question for everyone. What is that ONE simple thing you need to do but instead choose to do everything else to avoid doing that ONE simple thing? If you completed that ONE simple thing, how would that change your day? Is it waking up earlier to prepare your lunch? Getting your bootay to the gym? Continue Reading

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See exactly how your One Days Wage impacted orphan boys in the Philippines.

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